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UNITEC Field Service:


United Technologies Corporation (UTC) has a network team of 1,782 fully qualified field engineers (FE) that provide installation, maintenance, and technical support for a wide variety of major public and private company clients. All types of equipment from any manufacturer are serviced from servers, workstations, and laptops to printers, scanners, plotters, and all attached devices. All service calls come into UTC's service dispatch center in St. Louis via a toll free 800 number. All calls get a log number for quick processing, dispatch to the nearest FE and follow up. All calls are registered from the time of entry to dispatch, to time of arrival on site and close of the call by the dispatched FE.


Services (most economically priced) can be customized based on any one (or combination) of the following:  

  • Time and material (T&M)

  • Full service maintenance contract 

  • Next day service or 2 or 4-hour response 

  • Mission critical or 24/7 

  • Preventive maintenance  


Unitec is the systems integration and services division of U.T.C..  This division specializes in integrating and maintaining a variety of systems, networks and peripheral devices. UTC's broad technical expertise provides a wide array of service offerings tailored to the needs of its customers. Offering a wide range of systems integration and service plans, customers can choose the right program to meet their budget and service requirements.  Services are provided on local, regional or national level.  Automated centralized dispatch and logistics systems allow rapid response to customer calls.  Networks (WAN, LAN, NT, Novell), PCs, workstations, printers, scanners, plotters and communications equipment are covered under comprehensive, flexible service plans.

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