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Enterprise security architecture is a term many people don't fully understand. Each of us is impacted everyday by data or system security, but it is so much a part of everyday life that it seems unimportant and goes un noticed. The simple act of logging onto a computer, viewing an email or opening a web browser puts us in contact with the programs that control secure access to the systems applications and data that we need to do our work. The hardware and software security tools that are selected in and the manner in which they are installed, configured and managed, define enterprise security architecture.

The ideal architecture differs for each enterprise because the level of risk differs. In a successful system implementation scenario the security architecture is part of the development process rather than something that is added on after the fact. In this day of computer hackers, computer virus propagation and data theft, it has never been more important to carefully analyze the risk to your data from internal and external sources and protect it.  In order to protect business continually it has also never been more important to determine the appropriate ratio of cost to acceptable risk.

Some companies spend a great deal of time and money installing best-of-breed systems and data security products and get relatively little value for the effort. Because they do not understand the security vulnerabilities that exist for their businesses. 75% of systems security breaches are attributed to internal attacks from employees while only 25% are due to external attacks. The best firewall on the market cannot protect you from a disgruntled employee who has been granted access to sensitive data and system or an ex-employee who still has access to your dial-up server.

United Technologies has security methodology that will give you peace of mind that the issues surrounding security in your corporate environment have been adequately addressed and handled.

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