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Visual data helps institutions understand situations in a way that reports cannot.  It allows one to analyze a situation from every standpoint without the risk of missing an angle.  It allows people to make the best possible decisions.  United Technologies provides ways for public and private entities to collect this valuable data.  From providing a pipeline for large data to remote video, they utilize quality tools that allow constructing seamless systems that serve each client's specific needs. 

United Technologies offers state of the art cameras that, when used in conjunction with a wireless network, can be moved quickly and easily.  This allows organizations operating in an expanded area to alter their network as the situation necessitates, with minimal difficulty. UTC helps organizations better utilize their existing systems by providing hardware additions or upgrades. Also by providing software solutions which allow utilizing the collected data in several ways.   

UTC offers a wide variety of state of the art video management and analysis software which provide the most efficient surveillance and monitoring facilities.


These programs cover a wide range of needs:


  • Automated Garage Entry

  • Remote Traffic Monitoring

  • License plate Recognition

  • Remote access to Live Video Feed

  • Perpetual Monitoring of Valuables and Secure Locations

  • Crowd Control Data Collection 


We make data work. 

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