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ESSP: Enterprise Security Practice:

These days and especially post 9/11 security is very hot topic. However many people would be surprised that a lot of companies of all sizes and descriptions almost completely ignore their enterprise-wide security issues. Until that is the company has been hacked! Attitudes dramatically change when that happens. Companies spending for security related work or "risk mitigation" is usually very low. Many would be shocked to hear what people say after the damage has been done. Hindsight as they say is always 20/20. 

Most companies turn a deaf ear to security and pretend it won't happen to them. What a terrible misconception! Who's responsible for security in your Enterprise? Security is the responsibility of all employees. IT typically collaborates with department heads, business leaders and senior management and then identifies risks and the costs association with mitigating them. That usually gets driven down throughout the organization from there but all instances it must always be championed and hard driven from the top. 

United Technologies Enterprise Security Service practice can help you by providing:


  • An enterprise-wide security plan. 

  • An infrastructure methodology to provide continual uptime.

  • Methods for managing data management and storage solutions. 

  • Secure applications and networking architecture. 

  • Business and system risk assessment.

  • Business continued in a planning. 

  • Business impact appraisal.

  • Disaster Recovery planning. 

  • Higher availability a greater sense of enterprise security, cost reduction and restful peaceful nights.

  • Direction as to what to do in crisis management situation. 

  • Recoverability strategies. 

  • Physical infrastructure security. 

  • Structures for protection and security of information. 

  • Outsourcing and offshore Solutions. 

  • Real-time integration strategies and solutions.

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