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EAI: Enterprise Application Integration

In a world of mergers and Acquisitions economic shifts along with accelerated changes and it many companies have been left with an assemblage of various and generally incompatible platforms running disparate systems and software. Using an array of application software packages databases and customer developed software not to mention software that came from more obscure or mysterious sources they are still crucial to your company's business. 

The link that's missing is a method for all of it to work together in a seamless fashion.  

United Technologies will help you in a couple of ways first to make sense of what you have and second to help you and integrating these diverse information resources both internally to the Enterprise and externally with business and trading partners.  

What you will derive from United Technologies expertise in EAI:


  • United Technologies will address major business issues from a process perspective.

  • We will help you to reduce processing costs improve the management of your business transactions enhance customer service internally and externally.

  • Help you to integrate different and disparate systems as a result of mergers and acquisitions by your company. 

  • Help you to electronically extend distribution channels.

  • We'll also ntegrate business processes and systems throughout your enterprise. 

  • We will help you in the design and creation of information portals to view alter and managing information on a more real-time basis

  • Help you to achieve cost reductions across the board by helping you to decreased overall servicing costs and will help you to decrease overall costs of integration.

  • We will help you to extend supplement and take greater advantage of Legacy systems with newer Technologies and     strategies.

  • We will provide you with the means to acquire real-time business Analytics.

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