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UTC Specializes in providing customized IT soultions.  We offer a flexable array of support to enhance your staff to an entire outsourcing service. Our customers can choose the right customized program to meet their budget and service requirements.  Services are provided on a local, regional and a national level.

EAI: Enterprise Application Integration

We can dramatically increase the value of your systems and enable business interactions that may not have previously been available to you. United Technologies eai Solutions practice will help you build the infrastructure your company needs to Reliable real-time integrated business processes required to complete and win in an online world. 

ESSP: Enterprise Security Services Practice

Latest statistics indicate as high as 80% of all attacks come from insiders at an average loss of $2.5 million per attack. Less han 20% of all attacks come from outsiders, at an average of $57k... how is your Enterprise protected?

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

United Technologies with a highly experienced pool of SAP resources as a leader in the delivery of Highly and divisional customize ASAP Solutions and expertise to a wide variety of organizations.  We will help you to reach your Erp goals and objectives faster with reduced risk and cost.


ESA: Enterprising Security Architecture 

ESA is a part of the development process rather than something that is added on as an after-the-fact. In this day of computer hackers computer virus, propagation and data theft it has never been more important to carefully analyze the risk to your data from external sources and protect it.


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